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Statement from 11th District Committee Regarding President Trump’s Verdict

Yesterday’s guilty verdict by a Manhattan jury, with major assistance from a biased and corrupt judge, clearly demonstrates the deterioration and abuse of our legal system. The testimony of perjurer Michael Cohen and porn star Stormy Daniels were to be believed, and the court wholly discarded constitutional due process, as long as it succeeded in bringing down Joe Biden’s opponent.  The entire proceeding was a travesty of justice. 

This is the same New York City where District Attorney Alvin Bragg allows murderers and illegal immigrants who violently attack innocent citizens and police officers to freely roam the streets.

Democrats’ gleeful post-verdict end-zone dances leave no doubt: this was a political show trial. 

Now is the time to support President Trump’s campaign by donating here:

America has lost its way, but November 5th is our chance to save this country and get it back on course. Please stand with us.


Rosie Oakley, 11th Congressional District Chair

Nick Andersen, 11CD SCC Representative 

Matt Braynard, 11CD SCC Representative 

Steve Rogers, 11CD SCC Representative

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