11th Congressional District of VA Republican Committee

Committee Bylaws.


The name of this organization shall be “11th Congressional District of Virginia Republican Committee,” hereinafter called the “District Committee.”


The District Committee is organized under and governed by the “Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia.” No action of the District Committee shall conflict with the State Party Plan, as amended from time to time. To the extent that there shall be a conflict, the provisions of the State Party Plan shall prevail.


The purpose of the District Committee is to promote and promulgate the principles of the Republican Party, to encourage qualified candidates to run for public office, to elect Republican candidates to public office, to assist generally the citizens composing the districts served by the District Committee, and to assist elected Republican officials in the execution of their responsibilities.


Members of the District Committee must reside within Virginia’s 11th Congressional District throughout their term on the Committee. No person shall hold more than one voting seat on the District Committee. Voting membership on the District Committee is restricted to the following:

District Chairman:

Chairman of each Unit located wholly or in part within the District or his designee when the unit chairman does not reside in the district.

Members of the State Central Committee elected by the Quadrennial District Convention;

Members of the State Central Committee elected by the District Committee by virtue of the District having cast its plurality vote for the Republican Presidential nominee in the last preceding Presidential election and/or the District being represented by a Republican Member of Congress.

District Representative of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women;

District Representative of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia; and

District Representative from the College Republican Federation of Virginia.


Section A. Officers Subject to Confirmation

The District Committee officers shall be elected by the District Committee and serve at the pleasure of the District Chairman. An officer shall not enjoy voting rights unless they also hold an Article IV seat on the Committee. District officers include:

District Vice-Chairman

Secretary; and


Section B. Other Officers

The District Chairman shall appoint a Legal Counsel and a Parliamentarian, and shall fill all such other offices as the District Committee may create. The officers appointed under this Section shall serve exclusively at the pleasure of the District Chairman.


Section A. District Chairman

The District Chairman shall be responsible for the general execution and implementation of the programs and policies of the District Committee, commensurate with achieving the goals of the Party Plan. In addition, the District Chairman shall:

Call meetings and conventions in accordance with the Party Plan and preside over the same until a temporary organization is effected;

Represent the District Committee on the State Central Committee and the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia;

Convene the District Committee as required under Article VIII, Section A;

Appoint two qualified persons to make an annual audit of the books and financial records of the Committee at the end of each fiscal year or whenever there is a change in the person holding the office of Treasurer, which persons shall report to the District Committee; and

Carry out such duties as set forth in the State Party Plan.

Section B. District Vice Chairman

The District Vice Chairman shall assume the duties of the District Chairman during the disability of the District Chairman. The Vice Chairman shall perform other duties as instructed by the District Chairman.

Section C. -Stricken.

Section D. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes and other official records of the Committee, shall keep attendance records, shall advise Committee members when they have missed two consecutive meetings and/or conventions upon direction of the District Chairman, and shall assist the Chairman with official correspondence and the filing of documents.

Section E. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds, shall submit a written report of financial transactions and condition at each District Committee meeting, shall file all required financial reports, and shall issue notices of assessments to all units. The District Chairman shall have an audit conducted of the records of the Treasurer (Art. 6, Sec. A, Part (4)). The Treasurer shall be authorized to disburse funds under the following conditions:

In accordance with an annual budget approved by the District Committee at a regularly called meeting, provided adequate finds are on hand to meet any priority obligations as established by such a budget;

By authority of the District Committee at a duly called meeting, provided a source of funds to meet other obligations is clearly identified;

Upon the authority of the District Chairman, the Treasurer shall also have the authority to make expenditures up to a total of $100.00;

The Treasurer and the District Chairman are empowered to open a bank account in the name of the 11th Congressional District of Virginia Republican Committee and make deposits and withdrawals from such account; and

The Treasurer shall keep proper records, which are to be open to inspection by any member of the District Committee at all reasonable times, and upon reasonable notice. The Treasurer shall deliver all official records in his possession to his successor within ten days of the expiration of his term.


All standing and special committees shall be established and appointed by the District Chairman except that the District Committee may instruct the District Chairman to appoint such committees.


Section A. Frequency

The District Committee shall meet at least once each quarter year. Additional meetings as may be required shall be called by the District Chairman or upon petition to the District Chairman of one-third of the members of the District Committee.

Section B. Notice

Meetings of the District Committee shall be held upon seven days written notice, with agenda enclosed, to the membership as recorded on the official membership list prepared and maintained by the Secretary.

Section C. Attendance

A member of the District Committee automatically loses his committee position if he is absent three (3) consecutive meetings without representation by a person holding a proxy; provided, however, that a State Central Committee member and Unit Chairman automatically loses and is deemed to have resigned his District Committee position if he fails to attend in person at least fifty (50) percent of the regular meetings in any calendar year. A vacancy created by such a resignation shall be filled in accordance with the State Party Plan.

Section D. Quorum and Proxy

A majority of the voting members of the District Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A member of the District Committee may be represented at any District Committee meeting by a proxy, subject to the following conditions:

No individual may cast more than one vote at any meeting which he attends;

Any person who acts as proxy for another must be a voting resident of the 11th Congressional District of Virginia;

Any proxy may be withdrawn by the Committee member giving it at any time prior to its exercise;

All proxies shall be in writing, signed by the maker, substantially in the following form:

(Proxy form).


These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption by a two-thirds vote of the voting members of the District Committee.

Section B. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting members of the District Committee present and voting at any meeting, provided notice of the proposed amendment is included in the call to the meeting. Amendments shall become effective immediately upon their adoption.

Section C. Suspension of Bylaws

These bylaws may be suspended only upon a two-thirds vote of the voting members of the District Committee. Such a suspension continues only for the duration of the meeting at which the suspension was approved.

Adopted: June 25, 1992 Last Amendment: December 27, 2017.

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