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Campaign Report from Mike Van Meter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Mike Van Meter here. I want to share with you a quick update from the campaign trail. Our team is building incredible momentum as we work tirelessly to challenge Gerry Connolly and flip Virginia’s 11th Congressional District red. The energy and enthusiasm from our grassroots supporters are tangible, and together, we are making significant strides toward our goal of winning on Election Day.

Last Friday, June 28, 2024, I had the distinct pleasure of attending President Trump’s rally in Chesapeake, Virginia. The rally followed President Trump’s debate with Joe Biden, and the excitement was electrifying. Despite high temperatures and a blazing sun, as many as 25,000 people stood ready to hear the former president discuss his vision for our nation.

The event was awesome. President Trump began by addressing the previous evening’s CNN Presidential Debate, and he made it perfectly clear America is waking up to a truth many of us have long known: Joe Biden is not in command of his office, and our enemies are taking notice.

President Trump didn’t hold back. He warned that America might not withstand another four years under the current administration and that immediate action is crucial. He laid out his plans for day one, including shutting down the border, deporting those who have entered illegally, stopping the flow of fentanyl, fighting human trafficking, and defending against attacks from our adversaries.

I was glad to hear President Trump address the misuse of law enforcement and intelligence agencies against him, calling for investigations and prosecutions of those who have weaponized our justice system. He also spoke about reviving our economy by drilling for our own oil to reduce fuel prices and lower the cost of goods.

This rally was more than just an event; it was a testament to the growing strength of our movement. People are longing for change, not just here in Fairfax County, but all across America. The support we’re receiving is truly inspiring, and I’m excited about the momentum we are building heading into November.

Let’s be clear: Gerry Connolly has had his chance, and his policies do not reflect the values and needs of residents in the 11th Congressional District. We want leaders in Congress who will stand up for our principles, secure our borders, tackle inflation, and ensure public safety. 

I am committed to being that leader for you, but I cannot do it alone. Here’s how you can get involved and make a real impact:

Volunteer: Join our dedicated team of volunteers. Every door knock, phone call, and conversation helps spread our message and rally more supporters to our cause.
Attend Events: Participate in our upcoming Van Meter events. Your presence not only boosts our campaign but also shows the strength and unity of our movement.
Donate: We need your financial support. Whether it’s $5 or $500, every dollar helps us reach more voters and build the resources we need to win in November.
Spread the Word: Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about our campaign. Share our posts on social media and help us amplify our message.

Together, we have the power to bring about real change. Visit my website – – and sign up to get involved. Let’s team up to retire Gerry Connolly, flip Virginia red, and elect President Trump in 2024. If we buckle down and work together, we can make history on November 5th.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Let’s keep this momentum going strong, win in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, and Make America Great Again.


Mike Van Meter  
Republican Congressional Candidate  
Virginia’s 11th Congressional District

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